Paralegal Job Description

The job description of a paralegal can vary substantially based on a number of different things, including the type of paralegal, the level of education, the certificate(s) acquired, and the extent of experienced obtained. The responsibility of a paralegal is quite similar to that of a lawyer, only they are not authorized to present cases in court, give legal advice to clients, or sign important court documents. They are usually in charge of conducting preliminary research for potential clients, preparing and drafting legal documents, and assisting attorneys during important trials. Paralegals also spend much of their time reading and evaluating past cases that relate to their clientel, as well as any new changes in law that may have a direct (or indirect) impact on any current cases. See below for a more detailed list of what you can expect to be doing as a legal assistant (paralegal):

Typical Paralegal Job Description:
  • Assist attorneys during trials
  • Conduct research for specific legal documents & cases
  • Prepare/draft legal documents
  • Maintain contact/interview key witnesses
  • Prepare & obtain affidavits
  • Organize case files
  • Conduct preliminary investigations
  • Help prepare appeals
  • Manage court dates & deadlines
  • Introduce clients to attorneys and give briefings